Student Reviews


I have known Khe Wei for 5 years, since she was a badminton player playing professionally representing Malaysia at the biggest tournaments in the world. What is notable about Khe Wei, first and foremost is her personality. Khe Wei is exceptionally friendly and easy going, and this, coupled with her wide variety of experiences playing in Mixed and Women's doubles, will make a fantastic coach. Although right now she is just starting out, I had been to one of her coaching sessions and it was highly enjoyable. Of special mention, she broke down the skills in to "easy-to-digest" chunks, made sure to support every single player in the group, and provided feedback and demonstrations to help us all improve further. A lot of coaches are nowhere near as active and would prefer to just sit down in a chair and simply point their fingers to give instructions; Khe Wei is not like this at all. Even as a player, she still studied part-time to ensure she had the knowledge in sport science to back up skills on court. I strongly recommend Khe Wei's academy and I support and endorse her vision - which is to create a stable badminton community where people can pursue their passion badminton to whatever level they want to.

Ewest Ng

After attend training, obviously my previous “lao ya” skill have improvement. My footworks, long shoot, overhead, front forehand, front backhand and hit shuttlecock skill is improved. Before training, my footwork was like robot and waste energy to hit every single of shuttlecock, now i am more relax. Still learning other skills to become more stronger💪💪 Thanks coach for the patient and professional coaching.🙏


Hi, I’am Daisy. I started my badminton training with Medalist since April 2019. I start from zero and on my way to hero. I started playing 3 years ago with a badminton gang whereby the organizer found me through some sports website. I started badly and I could only hit air and kelam kabut running around the court to chase the shuttle. After a month of training, my gang said that I have inproved a lot. They thought I played for 3 years and improved by playing with them, yes that contribute a little but not all. Training:- When I first started, Janice checked on how we hold our raquet, and yes all have been holding it wrong, then the whole month started with footwork. From there, I felt more comfortable running around the court with the right footwork and I don’t need to be so kelam kabut chasing the shuttlecock. Then hitting skills, all these while I’ve been using full & wrong energy to hit, no wonder matter how hard I hit, the shuttle does not goes far nether going fast & and I started not hitting the air anymore. Till today, I played so much better around net that I can tap fast, hard and accurately and drop shot too. Coaches: - My coaches are Mr. handsome Jeffrey😎 & Mr. Ku Yeun Shyun who looks like Cai Yun😆. Janice 🧚‍♀: Her eyes are so sharp and she can eyed you from far. She will supervise all of us. I remember on my first class which was footwork, I took 3 steps to move to front but she taught me to use 2 steps. I did it. My 1 day coach (Ms. Goh Yea Ching) she was back from her drink break and saw me used 2 steps and she was surprised and asked me how I did it, I pointed at Janice. But I saw Janice love towards kids is real good. I recommended those parents who intended to send their kids for badminton, Janice is the best coach. I see the kids love her so much and I do yes, loving her as much as the kids love her. Mr. Jeffrey: He is my most of time coach. His patience towards me and the beginners are so good. He is not a coach that just does his job, but he do monitor the way we hit, our footwork and much more. He will explain like how to do, to hit, to run and more and ofcourse, during his explaination to others I will be there to hear and to see. My improvements are all thank to him👏🏼. Mr. Ku: He is my sometimes coach, but I like his training too. One thing he taught me, he said “look at the shuttle before you start running, concentrate on the shuttle, look at it where it’s going, it would be more accurate when you hit”. 👍🏼Yes true, I tried during my play with my friends. My praise was surprise last Friday I played good. In conclusion:- I’ve been training with Medalist for 4 months already, I was found improved by my friends before I found out myself improved. It was super! I have great friendly mates who came to me and advised me what to do during the training too! Love my coaches, love my mates, love medalist❣

Gavin Lee

Joining MSA has benefited my badminton games tremendously. Even though I have only joined 6 sessions, my endurance, skill and tactical play has greatly improved. Overall, my shots are sharper and I've experienced better winning rates in games. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve in badminton!

Jia Hui

Coach Janice is a very responsible and disciplined coach. Training with her will gain and learn a lot. Under her guidance and with her experiences, athletes do have improvement in sport skills such as, reaction time, agility, strength and also physical fitness level. I have faith in coach Janice and hopefully she can train more quality athletes to represent our country in future!

Lim Kar Yong

Glad to join this training group with my son. The coach guide us from warm up, footsteps, swings to warm down. My son and me has benefited from the skill specific guidance and advice, our game improve a lot in that the footwork is faster and strokes are sharper and powerful. Some of the training mates share the same view too.

Kar Seng

Coach Janice is very patient and professional in coaching, she will ensures I perform the basic skills properly. Highly recommended. 👍👍

Raymond Keong

I’m --> over weight badminton player, hardly can finish 2 set game of 21 points..1set still can lah but 2nd cant already..BUT --> after joining MSA, i can play 4 sets of 21 points...hmm..look like footsteps is really important..before joining MSA -> my play is running, not footsteps...and not only footsteps thats help me to play more...STAMINA is de main part of it...Thx MSA -> Trained my Stamina & Footsteps...this is what i learned so far...will continue join more MSA classes to become a better player.


Coach - Khe Wei is full of passionate and enthusiasm in badminton. Even though the training is tiring, it is fun and greatly improve my skills and foot works. Private training is focusing on one to one coaching and get rid of some of the common bad habits, while group training is focusing on double or mixed double play to gain more insights on how to further improve when we mixed with different players. Moreover, i managed to slim down few kgs after the training since 2 months ago. Definitely a fabulous training course for those who wish to improve more in badminton and sweating/enjoying the game :) Cheers